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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I get my account information to register?
    The information needed to register is located on your utility bill.

2. Who do I contact about charges or information that is being displayed?
    Contact Customer Service at (985) 873-6465.

3. Can I receive my bill be email?
    Yes, please contact Customer Service at (985) 873-6465 for further information.

4. Why when I click on the view bill button my bill is not displayed?
    To use the view bill button, your internet browser must allow popups.

5. What format will my bill be displayed?
    The bill is displayed as a pdf format, click here to download a viewer.

6. How far back can I view past bill information?
    The previous twelve months will be available for viewing.

7. Must I be a JP Morgan Chase customer to make a payment?
    No, you do not have to be a JP Morgan Chase customer to make a payment.

8. How long before my account is credited with my payment?
    Some transactions can take up to two business days before you account is credited.

9. Can I pay my NSF fees online?
    No, all NSF fees must be paid directly through the Customer Service department.